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     Heavy Duty Corrugated Boxes
     Kraft Corrugated Boxes
     Corrugated Paper Boxes
     Custom Printed Corrugated Boxes
     Offset Printed Corrugated Boxes
     Cartons Boxes
     Export Quality Corrugated Boxes
     White Corrugated Boxes
     Cardboard Corrugated Boxes
     Printed Corrugated Shipping Box
     All Types Foods Boxes
     2 Ply Corrugated Paper Rolls
     Pharmacy, Ayurvedic, Medicines Boxes
     Polypropylen {PP} Corrugated Boxes
     Paper Jute boxes
     Industrual Corrugated Cardbord Boxes
     Gift & Frame Packing Boxes
     Masala Box / Paper Box / Paper Card Box
     White coloured Oil-free paper pouches
     Brown coloured paper pouches
     Brown coloured shopping bags
     4 color printed shopping bags
      White, Brown Paper Pouches & Shopping Bags

1] White coloured Oil-free paper pouches

(food grade, microwave safe, freezer safe, environment friendly): Ideal packaging option for plastic-free parceling of semi-liquid food products like biryani, rice, roti, noodles, thick curry. frozen food items, etc.


2] Brown coloured paper pouches

With medium strength made out of kraft paper: Can be used for grocery, medicines, small gift articles, minimum time food parcels like pattice, samosa, dhokla, etc.

3] Brown coloured shopping bags

Made out of kraft paper: Can be used as a cheaper and good looking option for plastic bags. Ideal for virtually all kinds of shops, typically mini mall shops, garment stores, gift shops, cake shops, etc.

4] 4 color printed shopping bags

Made out of Art / Duplex / Maplitho paper: Can be used for virtually all kinds of shops typically garment shops, jewellery shops, mobile phone and accessories shops, retail and wholesale shops etc.

All the above items are available in single and 2 colour customized printing option as well.

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